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Services Provided

Whether you're new to therapy, or coming back for a tune-up, here's a little crash course in what you can expect from your appointment.

Individual Therapy
Many find it helpful to deal with life’s stressors by beginning the process of Individual Therapy.  In short, individual therapy allows the client to explore options that create the best scenario in their life.  Whether you’re dealing with work-related stress, depression, anxiety, anger, grief/loss, relationship troubles or life-changing decisions, Individual Therapy is meant to assist you in figuring out the best course of action to achieve the results you want.

Couples/Marital Therapy

Much like individual therapy, a wide variety of issues are tackled through Couples Therapy.  But rather than processing these issues on an individual basis, it may be more beneficial to tackle them with you partner. Communication problems, intimacy issues, differences of opinion and conflict resolution are quite common in Couples Therapy, whether married, engaged, partnered or in same-sex relationships.  Generally, couples will be seen together for the initial evaluation, then each will participate in at least one individual  session.  Most sessions from that point forward will be with the couple.

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is a highly specialized form of therapy for individuals and couples who are experiencing difficulties with their sense of sexuality and/or in their sexual relationships.  Low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, dyspareunia, and anorgasmia are just a few of the problems Sex Therapy successfully treats.

Group Therapy
Quite often, Group Therapy is used as in addition to traditional individual therapy to complement the therapeutic process.  Many clients find it beneficial to bond with like-minded individuals who can empathize and support them as they move toward resolution.  Group Therapy can make a huge difference in one's healing and growth.  Groups can be short-term (a certain number of weeks) or long term (ongoing), open (anyone can come at any time) or closed (only open to a limited number of pre-screened individuals).  Please contact Intimate Details for more information regarding the Women's emPOWERment Lunch Group, Blow-Up Dolls or Sex, Love & Rock 'n Roll groups.


Our goals in life are the things that drive us, propel us to be better.  But as we hit road blocks, we often need a little something extra to get us over the hump.  Hypnotherapy is an intervention used in psychotherapy that assists patients in getting to their intended destination. If you want to run a marathon, quit smoking, curb food craving, find out what’s really causing your migraines or increase your self confidence, hypnotherapy is a viable option for helping you achieve your goals.  For more information on hypnotherapy, click here.