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Fortifying Marriages: My Conversation with Bonika Wilson

I'll be honest. Before I sat down with my guest and dear friend, Bonika Wilson, I never really thought about running my marriage as a business. But after this conversation, I can't stop thinking about it. In an enlightening episode of the Intimate Details with Dr. Tiff podcast, Bonika Wilson shares with us how principles of business success can be applied to marriage. Bonika, an advocate for marriage enhancement and an expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion, brings her unique perspective on building strong relationships through the lens of corporate strategy. Her insights are the foundation for her new book "Marriage Business: From Proposals to Prosperity – Building Your Dynasties the Fortune 500 Way," where she equates the structure and planning of a successful business with the intentional crafting of a successful marriage. It's brilliant.

Throughout the episode, Bonika shares her journey as a seasoned business strategist to a marriage enhancement advocate. Her experience in leading companies through strategic planning is the backbone of her approach to strengthening marital bonds. The conversation takes an introspective turn as she discusses her transition to focusing on personal relationships, highlighting the need for intentionality and consistent effort to create a successful union. This approach emphasizes the similarities between the boardroom and the home, encouraging couples to adopt a strategic mindset in nurturing their own partnership.

This episode isn't just about the boardroom tactics though. It's also a deep dive into the emotional fabric of partnerships. I loved how Bonika was able to walk us through the intricate dance of financial unity, effective communication, and striking a work-life balance that caters to the rhythms of a bustling family life. Even as a therapist, these were reminders that I needed for fortifying my marriage, too and I was taking copious notes.

Whether you're navigating the early stages of marital bliss or steering through the complexities of a seasoned partnership, this episode is your guide to building a legacy of love, one well-planned step at a time.

For more information on our guest, Bonika Wilson, please check her out @thebusinesswithb on Instagram. To purchase her book,  "Marriage Business: From Proposals to Prosperity – Building Your Dynasties the Fortune 500 Way, tap the link here.

You can find Intimate Details with Dr. Tiff Podcast on all podcasting platforms, or by clicking HERE. You can also WATCH FULL EPISODES of the podcast on YouTube. New episodes are available, each and every Wednesday.


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